Hardly the good times

Dr Mallya is either fibbing when he says he personally checks the food on his airline or has never had Thai curry. Given what one reads of him I doubt if its the latter. The other day I was returning from Delhi and a big smile crossed my face as I read the menu card - Thai chicken red curry. I was transported to my vacation to Thailand and the lovely curries at Cabbages & Condoms & Kiss Kiss and the cart at Sukhomvit. Now guess my reaction when I took off the tin foil to come across a red gelatinous blob. Certainly not Thai curry! I was not surprised when i looked around and saw that not a single person took more than a bite of it.
Now, its a known fact that airline food is not supposed to be a great eating experience. But then why make tall claims! Why raise expectations and then bring one down to earth! I think Kingfisher would do well to stop giving the spiel about their 'gourmet' food. They are the ones who serve mummified chicken and the same chocolate truffle pastry in 3 consecutive evening flights that I once took on different sectors


Anonymous said…
the rich only get richer...it's us, who get caught between.i usually order Indian when I'm flying....i definitely am not going to eat Thai on Kingfisher flights.thanx for the heads- up.
R.K. said…
Morning shows the day. You are more at ease. Wonderful pictures. Please carry on.