This one's for Kashi

Bong sweets are quite popular outside Bongdom too. The basic forms which most people are aware of are mishti doi, roshogolla and sandesh. Of course those in the know would be aware of the varieties too such as raaj bhog, kamala bhog, etc in roshogolla and kaacha golla, kora paak, normom paak, jol bhora in sandesh. It's almost a given that one should get sweets for people when one goes to Calcutta. I prefer to get Kheer Kodoms. Especially since it is a mix of both sandesh (in the outer coating) and roshogolla (the core)...and have rarely come across anyone who does not like it...except perhaps the wife who likes only Western desserts and that too chocolate based
Sweet Bengal at Mumbai makes quite a decent Kheer Kodom today. Though as of today it costs 11 Rs a piece versus 3 Rs in the mid level Cal sweet shop. But hey their outlets are much closer than those in Cal