A Christmas story

I don't really believe too much in miracles or in the supernatural.
My beloved Candies has opened just across where I stay. It is close to the base of Pali Hill across the new Toni & Guy place.
Candies like I have said earlier is the best place in the universe and really brings out the child in me. The new Candies is quite huge. It has a big air conditioned seating area plus a terrace. Unlike the earlier ones at Reclamation and Ambedkar Road there is more place to sit and you get a good choice even after 8 PM when their happy hours begin.
OK here's what I've done so far. I went with the wife this evening and had coffee, fresh lime and the free baby pastries which come with the coffee. This morning I went there and picked up a roast chicken for lunch. Yesterday morning the wife and I picked up coffee and sandwiches there on the way to work. Day before night I picked up two beef Rendangs on the way back from work for dinner.
So you get the idea, if you don't find me at home, that's probably because I am at Candies:)


k said…
chocolate lava, blueberry cheesecake, jelly slice and their brownies are unmissable!