For a mighty heart


I was in a bit of a quandary as my tri-Gs did a Sehwag and hit 300.
I firmly believe that the redder the meat is, the better it tastes. Ideally I’d have liked to have the beef rendang from Candies for lunch this Sunday afternoon.
But conventional wisdom says that one should stick to white meats (if at all) to keep the cholesterol under control. Plus I am going to my beloved Goa for my birthday next month where pork sorpotel/ vindaloo/ chilly fry, mussels chilly fry and prawn balchao/ chilly fry await me. So I that ought I would balance it out by not having any red meat till I went there.
Yet, there’s only that much chicken that one can eat. Surprisingly, for a Bong, I am not too keen on fish. Though the wife is true to her Parsi genes and loves fish. So I often buy fish for her but it just lies in the back of the deep fridge for months.
Still I gave it a shot this morning and went to the Khar market and bought some rui, pomfret and rawas. Here’s the story of how lunch happened.
I went to the vegetable guy after buying the fish and I saw someone’s maid buying something which looked different. On asking it turned out to be parsley and lemon grass. On a hunch I bought those too and a pack of mushrooms. While I didn’t have a recipe in mind but something was working in my sub conscious.
Here’s what I did. I marinated the rawas (Indian salmon) fillets in a bit of Gourmet Marinade’s lemon pepper marinade along with some crushed paper and paprika. I then blended the bunch of parsley and lemon grass in a grinder and chopped the mushrooms separately.
The recipe is as follows. Take half a tea spoon (sic) of olive oil and heat it in a non stick pan. Add some chopped garlic (a tea spoon) and sauté. Then add the parsley and lemon grass mix and add it. Sauté it for a while and then add the mushroom. Finally add the rawas marinade, add salt and keep tossing it. Don’t get scared if lot of water comes out. Keep it on a high flame and it will dry. Add a bit of Tabasco sauce on top for colour. And you have got a Karmakar original straight from the chef.
The thing took about 20 minutes to cook and the ingredients cost me around 70 Rs. What we got served 2 people. The wife loved it and I didn’t mind though it was fish.
• 250 gm rawas/ Indian salmon fillet chopped into 4 inch pieces (30 Rs after bargaining)
• Half a tea spoon olive oil
• Half a tea spoon chopped ginger
• Half a tea spoon of paprika flakes and crushed pepper
• Chopped mushrooms one pack (20 Rs in Khar much more at Pali Naka)
• A bunch of parsley (10 Rs)
• Lemon grass (10 Rs a bunch though I used very little)
• Salt
• Tabasco sauce
. A table spoon of Gourmet Maid's lemon marinade which I bought at the Dollar Store. You can substitute with squeezed lemon and half a tea spoon of sugar.
• Non stick pan
I can’t label the photos but one is of the marinade, one is of the vegetables in the pan, me cooking and the final dish.


Kirti Poddar said…
Sounds yummy. Nice pics too. When are you going to blog on
Unknown said…
Am feeling hungry...but too lazy to try the receipe...Anyways, the real fun lies in trying it out straight from Karmakar kitchen made by the chef himself... :-)... (Am hoping my message is clear. :-) )
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Kashinath...the message is clear :0 you will have to give Candies a miss though