Khaas treatment

Khaane Khaas at Bandra 16th Road stands out in a world where there are restaurants which increase their home delivery limit from Rs 100 to 150 even when they at times are literally next door and when you order from them regularly.
Khaane Khaas was a favourite place for me to eat in my bachelor days with friends after a drink at Temptations or Totos. The tandoori chicken and black daal were favourites then. The friends from those days moved on but Khaane Khaas remained a part of my life. I introduced the wife to it while we were dating and she loved it too.
So Khaane Khaas was one of the places we used to order from when we moved to our first house. Those days we use to cook on the electric stove my to be mom in law gave us. We used to make chicken curry with Poonjiaji masala on the stove. And I would order plain rice from Khaane Khaas. And I was impressed that they would deliver it though it was only thirty bucks.
I suddenly remembered that this evening almost six years down the line. The wife felt like 2 makai rotis and we were making the rest of the dinner at home. So I told her to call them and place the order and say that I’ll pick them up rather than bothering to send just 2 rotis.
I was pleasantly surprised when I went to pick up the rotis. The owner told me ‘please don’t hesitate to call us even if you want just rotis…we will deliver them’. I really felt very good and welcome over when he said that. Was touched in fact. And that’s a rare thing in these days of restaurants today with more customers than they can handle.
No wonder I have been loyal to them over my ten years at Mumbai. By the way they also make nice rotis, parathas, jeera chicken, ‘Punjabi chicken curry, black daal, rajma and lassi. It’s the closest one can get to home like food when one feels lazy to cook at home.


Unknown said…
Had never heard of this place before.... But now that I have read bout it, eating from this place will be on my agenda when am back :-)
The Observer said…
Khane Khas is great food at a good price but the best value add is the service as the owners have always been around.

In fact in Bandra, there was a joint called Kooks, where todays Golden Orchid stands. It also served excellent stuff.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
In fact I realised how close they came to home food quality when I was down with a bad stomach recently and my wife was working late..we ordered daily from there - jeera chicken, zafrani chicken, khichdi, sukha alu, etc and today I am up on my feet. Love the way they almost sing out 'Khaane Khaas' when they pick up the phone...a real spirit lifter
Anonymous said…
Looks like we will have to try this place. Can you get some pics so that we can load it on

A story from you is long overdue! and yes I will fix up Indigo this week.
Anonymous said…
We will have to try it. Can you get some pics so that we can upload this as a story?

Will confirm to you about Indigo this week.