Close encounters of a crustacean kind

When I think of Goan restaurants, then Brittos comes right on top along with Infanteria. We discovered it during the same trip as when we discovered Infanteria – during the wife and my first trip together to Baga's. While Infanteria is at the Calangute end of Baga, Brittos is on the beach at the fag end of Baga. Both the wife and I love it though I suspect she is slightly more partial to it as she is a prawn lover. Just struck me, maybe she married me because I was a shrimp in my previous life! And an Aquarian in this life.

While Infanteria is our ‘porky’ place, Brittos is our 'prawn' place. We usually start our meal with prawn chilly fry - big, juicy prawns with a slightly sweet and sour dry masala. The prawns are very fresh and the flavours just burst in your mouth with each bite. The culinary version of multiple orgasms I guess. It's not spicy, despite the 'chilly fry' label, as they use capsicum rather than actual green chilly. 'Pao' or Goan bread goes well with it.

Next on our must eat list is Prawn Baffat. Recently Aunty from Marks Cold Storage at Bandra told us that this is a Mangalorean and not a Goan dish. Probably that's why I have only seen it at Brittos at Goa. It essentially consists of awesome prawns in a creamy gravy. It is coconut milk based though the taste of coconut is very subtle and not over powering. The masala has a distinctive taste. 'Mrs Marks' (actually Mrs D Sousa I think) says that this is garam masala and red chilly based. It seems like a cousin of the Bengali prawn malai curry and seems to come from the same food family. Baffat is actually a genre of curry and can be had with chicken too at Brittos. Mrs Marks says that it is traditionally made with pork. Rice goes well with it. I have made it at home with a ready mix and I think it turned out quite well.

This time we also ordered prawns in vindaloo paste (as against in a curry). The large prawns in the thick, deep red paste were a visual delight. The wife squealed in delight with each bite. I found it to be OK but then, I am not too fond of vindaloo so you should go by the wife’s recommendation on this. In fact her the look of glee on her face in the photo tells it all.

All in all, it is definitely a must eat place. It is slightly more expensive than Infanteria but by no means exorbitant. The meal I described cost us around 600 Rs. Plus I think they step into the sea in front and catch the prawns once you place your order.


s said…
all ur reviews are great and spot on...havent been to CP though...
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Thanks S. Great to have a vote of confidence

Er 'CP'?