Gourmet Bengali fish

Pabda is a river fish which is considered to be a delicacy in Bengal. I did not try it while growing up as I stuck to rui or rohu when it came to fish.

I’d bought pabda a few times at Bombay and cooked it. In fact the wife is quite fond of it. I made it last Saturday. She loved it so much that I got some more from the market on Sunday. It is fairly expensive here too at 200 Rs a kilo.

I have put the before and after pictures of what I made on Saturday. I prefer making it in mustard curry.

I first fried the fish in a bit of turmeric and salt and then set it aside. I then sautéed some onion seeds, 2 split chillies, a tea spoon of grated ginger and a tea spoon of chopped tomato. To this I added a tea spoon of turmeric powder, half a tea spoon each of red chilly and jeera (cummin) powder. I stirred this till it becomes a bit pasty. Then added water and got it to boil. I then added mustard paste (two spoons of crushed mustard with a bit of water) to the sauce and then bunged in the fish. I garnished it after about five minutes with chopped coriander. Goes best with plain, steamed rice.

It is not much of restaurant dish and this adds to the thrill of making it at home.