My favourite holiday spot

We just got back from Goa on Sunday. In fact we extended our stay by a day and were originally supposed to get back on Saturday. Had a wonderful time. I love the sea though it was a bit chilly this time...and the food! wonder the wife and I keep going back.

I have lots to write about: old favourites such as Brittos and Infanteria PLUS new discoveries such as Casa Portuguesa and Leela's cafe and the world food stall at Ingo's Bazar. Yes, yes, dear wife, it was thanks to you that we tried them out.

In fact I am quite set in what I want at Goa. I guess this trip was one of new experiences including finding a lovely hotel called Waters, the unusually chilly weather, meeting 'Maguire' on of course the new eating places. I took lot of photos too. So guess this month will be a Goa month on the blog.

Hope to put on more posts soon