Shacking it out

My first experience of Goa shacks was when I was sowing my oats as a bachelor at Bombay after a sheltered life in Calcutta. I remember sitting in a shack at Baga with my two friends I’d gone to Goa with, sipping beer and eating chilly chicken… and feeling liberated.

The wife and I discovered Love Shack when we went for my February in 2006. Love Shack is in between Baga and Calangute beach in a slightly less crowded part of the beach. They have this Bob Marley theme going on in the shack in terms of d├ęcor and music. Though we first went there seeing their board which advertised ‘western toilets with running water’! Believe me that’s important if you plan to spend the whole day at the beach.

Since then we have largely stuck to Love Shack. We go there for (omelettes, coffee, ham sandwich, sausages), or after, breakfast. Then we curl up with a book on the deck chairs after the shack boys struggle and put up the sun umbrellas.

I have a port wine or a King’s beer while the wife has a fresh lime. Then we either head for Brittos for lunch or have lunch at Love Shack itself. I like the pork chilly at Love Shack which has a unique jugalbandhi of Chinese flavours with curry leaves. In the photo here I am with squid fries which we tried last year and liked. The wife had a tuna pasta salad for lunch this time which we she quite liked.

After lunch we get back to the deck chairs which they put out in front of the sea, sleep off the lunch, and then head for the hotel. That describes our typical day at Goa!

The shacks at Goa are only there during season – November to March. You can literally just order a drink and spend the day by the sea without getting disturbed. And, as we later found out, most had toilets!


Adam said…
Just wanted to say, "hello!" Followed your URL over from Bourdain's blog and am always interested in food. Nice worded reviews you have here and while I don't know if my travels will take me close, I hope to get a taste nonetheless; I'll be reading.

Good luck with tables and toilets,
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Thanks Michael. Glad you liked it. In fact I love Bourdain's show...and am definitely inspired by it. Cheers
Rohit Kumar said…
Hi Kalyan, great blog. Finally I get to see the beer bottle which is only served in Goa...King's
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Hey Rohit, thanks a ton. I am not much a beer person so didn't know how iconic this is. I actaully got an empty bottle home from my last trip. Now I have realised that recession me kaam pe aayega