At home at Candies

I must say that the New Candies has improved its service quite a bit since I wrote the Candies Vs Candies post.

Of course, the crowds are growing by the day. Especially with their multi layered seating. They have converted a whole bungalow into a multi layered Al Fresco restaurant which I am sure is quite unique at Bombay. In fact I even worked quite a bit on a presentation on my laptop the other evening at one of the terrace steps there.

The amount of time I have spent at Candies worked for the wife and I when we went there for coffee this evening. There was mayhem at the ordering counter what with the Saunday evening crowds. Normally it would take us hours to get our order in such an evening. However, by now the staff recognises me and this genial, avancular person at the counter came and took our order of coffee and chicken sandwiches in a jiffy. In fact he gave me the sandwiches though they earlier told someone that they were sold out.

I guess I can credit this somewhat to the fact that I got talking to him one morning sometime back. I told him about how I loved Candies and that I had written about it on my blog. Some rewards of being a blogger I guess.


Unknown said…
I feel you should officially claim for a stake in Candies ...... ;-)
Haven't seen any posts recently.....hope everything is ok.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Hi Jessica. Thanks for asking. All's fine but i was without a comp. I've just put an update. Hope you are doing good