Bhaape eelish or steamed hilsa

This is a recipe for 4 cut pieces of hilsa – you can multiply it – I am sure it will be a hit.


Ø 4 slices of hilsa (250G)
Ø 1 to 2 tea spoons of ground mustard powder
Ø 1 tea spoon of turmeric
Ø 1 table spoon of milk or cream
Ø Salt
Ø A tea spoon of chopped coriander
Ø A tea spoon of vegetable/ mustard oil (if you must)

Take mustard seeds and grind it in a mixer.

Now take 1 tea spoon of the mustard powder (sp if people who are not used to spice are eating it), 3 green chillies, a tea spoon of haldi/ turmeric powder and a table spoon of milk. Put the whole thing in a grinder (the small container) and make a paste. Then marinate the fish in it in a large steel tiffin box. Shut the tiffin box and oil the edges of the lid from inside.

After about an hour take the Tiffin box and float it on a sauce pan full of water. Put the sauce pan on a burner and bring the water to boil and then let it simmer for 12 minutes or so. Then VERY carefully get the tiffin box out of the pan and open it. Garnish with chopped coriander. You will get soft fish with a yellowish paste. There could be a bit of water too.

I guess you could try it in a micro/ oven if you don’t want to go through the fanfare of the steaming it in water

Best had with rice

Am attaching a couple of hazy pictures but will put beeter ones the next time I make it

PS This is a healthy version. The full blown version with have a table spoon of cream instead of milk and a table spoon of vegetable (ideally mustard) oil added to the marinade. But frankly you won’t miss it