How is this for 6 degrees of separation?

Read the chain of events:

  1. I am a Bengali from West Bengal in Eastern India
  2. I was born in the UK. Then lived in Iran before shifting to Calcutta
  3. I have been in Mumbai (Western India) for the last ten yrs
  4. I Love Goa (Western India) and Goan food. Goan food is heavily influenced by the Portuguese from Europe
  5. One of my favourite dishes is Goan Chilly Fry which I have tried to recreate at home without knowing the formal recipe
  6. This recipe was picked up and followed by an American of part Chinese descent. Check out the result at


k said…
was going through your blog and suddenly remembered that you owe me a pesto pasta mister. So when?
Kalyan Karmakar said…
actually I think I'd promised grilled chicken legs in pesto sauce...then we shared candid thaoughts on healthy eating