Left in the cold

What's with coffee chains? I think somewhere down the line they forgot that they exist to serve coffee.

The wife and I went to the Barrista at Bandstand, Bandra today as we wanted to see the sun set over a cup of coffee. I ordered a regular cappuccino with hazelnut flavouring. The sea was beautiful. I looked forward to enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee. Except it was tepid and lukewarm. And this is not the first time! I have often ordered hot coffee here to find it be quite limp.

And it's not just Barrista. Fellow coffee chain, Cafe Coffee Day, is a partner in crime too. I have often found their coffees to be warm rather than hot. So does the wife. And this is across across outlets. In fact we often send the coffee back and ask them to reheat it.

What is the big deal in serving a hot cup of coffee? Especially when you charge quite a bit?

And might I add that the coffees at Candies AND Mc Donald's are always hot and piping!


I have such a peeve over luke warm coffee too but this is interesting because I had heard that places were afraid to serve coffee too hot because of the McDonald's law suit where a women settled out of court for a lot of money from having burned herself from McDonald's coffee....even though she was stupidly adding stuff to her coffee, held between her thighs, as she was driving.....I think that's what happened.....in any case, I want my coffee hot!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Ha ha. McDonald's serves hot coffee here. Possibly because we don't have libel cuture in India what with the average court case taking more than tewnty years to finish. Even so, why give lukewarm coffe to sit down guests?
Court cases take forever here too. Most settle out of court...but there is a retarded culture here of trying to sue for everything under the sun.