Navroze lunch - Red Riding Hood time

The wife and I headed to Andheri, a suburb in Mumbai to visit her granny and her uncle for a Navroze lunch.

Granny, whom we call ‘Mamma’, is extremely fond of non vegetarian food, especially fish. She closely guards her last remaining tooth so that she can enjoy her favourite fish and meat dishes.

We took some Parsi dishes from Snack Shack, a small Parsi restaurant, which is next to our house at Bandra. They claim to be the only place to serve Parsi cuisine at Bandra.

We took Kid Gosht. This was mutton (gosht) in a slightly sweet and salty white sauce. This was very tasty. We also took some chicken cutlets. The cutlets were good though they paled in comparison to the mutton cutlets that we had at the Yacht Club the previous night. We also took Prawn Patia. Snack Shack makes this in rare occasions. The dish consisted of prawns served in a red, pungent bed of fried onions. I quite liked it.

We also took a dish of pulao daal. The pulao was yellow unlike what we had at the Yacht Club the previous night. The rice was not as fine either. Plus it is a bit dangerous taking daal (pulses) to Mamma’s place. Mamma is famous in the family for making daal. Her son, our uncle (Mama), carries on her tradition and makes the daal as she can’t go to the kitchen nowadays. As expected, he dismissed the restaurant daal with a resounding ‘paah’. Not surprisingly this dish was not finished and the leftovers are still in our fridge.

Now hold on! Where’s the fish you might ask. Didn’t you say Mamma is fond of that? We planned to take Patrani Machhi (fish steamed in banana leaves) from Snack Shack. But they didn’t have it. So the Bengali grandson in law, yours truly, rustled up some fried rui. And yes she did like it. I did buy some roses for her. But I am sure she enjoyed the fried fish even more.


k said…
Mamma was an excellent cook herslef. No, one and i mean no one can beat her MASALA NU GOSHT (parsi mutton masala).
k said…
I came across this post accidently today and seeing mamma's photos almost brought me to tears.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
I am sure she is happy knowing that you are in safe hands. Maybe it's a coincidence that I had boiled eggs for dinner specially she was convinced that I loved boiled eggs