Tickled her pink

I did make the salmon pasta as promised.

I bought Norwegian pink salmon from Santé’s as well as mild, coloured, British parmesan. I chose the parmesan over the local cheese as I wanted go the whole distance and make it truly special.

It worked. The wife loved it. I got lucky and was rewarded with a gelato!

This is how I made it.

I boiled the pasta (penne) separately.

I then took a table spoon of chopped tomato, a touch of olive oil and half a tea spoon of ketchup in a non stick pan and bashed it till the tomato went soft. To this I added 50 g of cubed parmesan and waited till it went soft. Then I added a cup of milk in which I had added dissolved a table spoon of corn flour. I added a sprinkling of chilly flakes, crushed pepper and oregano flakes to the sauce and let it thicken. I then added the salmon which I had cut into small cubes, simmered it for a minute and added the pasta and salt. I garnished it with grated parmesan (25 g), finely chopped capsicum and a table spoon of finely chopped fresh basil.

PS One learning. I didn’t like the taste of the raw salmon. I think what I had at restaurants are cured and not completely raw as I earlier thought