Adieu to the Merry Men of Tea Centre

I dropped in at the Tea Centre with a couple of friends at work.

We were ravenous and wolfed down chatapata chicken for starters followed by the casserole chicken, claypot chicken (a white coconut milk sauce, with chilly flakes, unique and Oriental), veg au gratin (slightly sweet which balanced out the latent fierceness of the claypot chicken) and followed it with scones. My friends seem to like the place and the food which was good since I recommended it.

I was happy to see Bakul whom I had first met when I did the review there Though we had met once before it seemed like I was meeting an old friend. My joy at meeting him turned to disappointment as he told me that his group's contract for running the Tea Centre is getting over this month. I felt quite sad to hear this. I think he and his team had done a lovely job of running the lace and had come up with very nice food options and innovative tea options too. I texted the wife the moment I heard it and she was quite aghast too. We will really miss Bakul and his team.

I hope they get to start something similar elsewhere and I'd look forward to visiting that.

There is always a lot to gain from meeting Bakul. Today I asked him to recommend a nice ice tea which was cooling but not minty. He recommended the Marmalade Tea. It had an orange flavour and was seasoned with real marmalade. It was awesome...and unique. Now if this isn't culinary genius then what is?

We must go there before they close at the end of this month.

Comments a good iced tea!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
They make lovely ice teas. These are not synthetic ready made stuff. They use freshly brewed tea and make innovative concacttions with mint, marmaalade, honey, apricot pulp, vanilla ice creams, grape juice and what have you. Pity they are shutting down...another great place for ice teas like these is Dolly's Tea Centre in Kolkata, India. My wife and I are big fans