Boat Quay

I'd read about Boat Quay at Singapore on Wikitravel.

I then came upon the actual place by chance when I went to the check out the Museum Of Asian Civilisations there and began to feel very hungry. I walked across the river and reached a line of food shops by the river. I then figured out that it was Boat Quay.

Boat Quay had an array of food shops - Oriental (local, Thai), Indian, a British pub, etc. You place your order at the restaurant and then eat at the tables set by the river. It was very nice and I was quite missing the wife as I am sure she would love it too.

I finally chose a Sea Food place in quest of the famous Chilly Crab. Unfortunately they only had a huge crab. So I had a prawn Sambal (juicy, well flavoured prawns, with red chillies which didn't daunt my Indian palate). I had a fried rice with it and my favaourite Thai Coconut water (amazingly sweet).

I know that it is fashionable to say that 'Indian' Chinese is very different from the real thing. But the fried rice was similar to what you get here except the rice wasn't as fine grained. The Sambal, of course, is an Indonesian dish but was not an unfamiliar taste experience.

Overall, Boat Quay is a must visit at Singapore