Cold Turkey

I guess I should have put a post before going AWOL from the blog.

I am in between jobs right now. So don't have a computer. I accessed the net through the cell phone. I could publish comments but could not write posts. I must say I had severe withdrawal symptoms from not writing the blog. In fact I wrote a flurry of posts last weekend to make the most of the last few days of my previous office's laptop :) I am joining my new job on the 3rd of April.

Life's been good since I last wrote. Of course I had my breakfast at Candies (tuna multi grain sw and coffee) earlier this morning.

The wife and I went to this lovely place called Matheran this weekend. Matheran is a tiny hill station close to Bombay. It is unique as vehicles are not allowed inside. So there is a sense of quietness and peace which is very different from the usual big city madness. This was our 5th visit there in 7 yrs! We stayed in this lovely boutique hotel called The Verandah In the Forest. The owners, the Neemrana group, like to call their hotels non hotels. You should check out their website. They have restored old palaces and houses in India into hotels.

V in the Forest was originally an old Parsi house called the Barr House. It was the second house built in Matheran in the 1800s. The wife and I went went there 3 yrs back and loved it. I took lot of lovely pics. Will upload them once I get a new comp. I am at a cyber cafe now :( .

Well, this is a food blog. I would describe the food at the V In the F as simple, wholesome and ample. They had North Indian food for lunch and continental for dinner. What made the meals special were the lunches and breakfasts at the verandah looking onto the woods and the candle light dinners in the dining room at the very looong dinner table. Can't wait to post the pictures. You will get an idea of what I mean then.

The sad things about holidays are that they get over. So the wife is back at work. I am savouring the last couple of days of my micro mini sabbatical. Did cook quite a bit - fish curries, casserole chicken, chicken sausage pasta and so on.

The other news is that we have asked our maid to make rotis (Indian breads). Most working couples we know keep cooks. I have held out for long from keeping one as I felt cooks couldn't make the variety which we could. Plus I like cooking and find it a good way to unwind. However, I can't make rotis. So finally gave in on that count.

I am off to Singapore next week to present a paper at a Market Research conference I am looking forward too experiencing the food there. So you can look forward to new posts there. I made a hurried overnight trip a few year's back and ate at the Hawker's Centres. Am looking forward Clark Quay this time.

So long


Congrats on the new job and I am certainly jealous that you have a cook, especially one that makes rotis!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
the rotis that our maid, Banoo, makes are extremely soft and good. She makes great aloo parathas too. a great discovery
k said…
now that you've discovered the joys of a roti-maker, when can we keep a cook?
Kalyan Karmakar said…
ok I won't make cabbage again