A diet crashed

I have joined my old gym once gym again. this is just opposite my house.

I work out wit a 'sports physio' who claims that he will fix my bad back through exercise. So I quietly paid a bomb (personal trainer fees are quite high). Working out with the trainer means waking up early (6.45 AM). I tumble into the gym, all bleary eyed and often sleepwalk through the routine. Still the fact is that I like gymming.

All was fine till the I got a call on my cell phone the other day. This was from a lady who said that she was the nutritionist at the gym and she was supposed to work out a diet plan for me. So we fixed up an appointment the next morning where she took measurements and asked what I ate through the day.

I had done enough GM diets and a couple of other plans (Dr Nigams, Pooja Makhija) over the years to know what was coming - no sweets, no oil, less carbs, become an ascetic and so on.

So I tried to avoid her for a couple of days but the nutritionist caught me this morning and gave me her diet plan. Without getting into the details it was largely as expected - no sweets, cut down on bread and roti, have fruits not juice, fish and vegetables (dear nutritionist, writing veggies doesn't make it any cuter) but no chicken or other meats, lot of milk and blessed egg white, don't mention rice or pasta...help.

I took it home to the wife like a chastened kid bringing home a note from school.

I diligently boiled 2 eggs and chopped the whites and seasoned it with ketchup, chilly flakes and pepper for breakfast. Now the problem is that for lunch I shared a barbecue chicken pizza, chicken wings and a coke in between meetings. Slightly different from the 2 rotis, one bowl each of daal and 'veggies' which the diet plan said...In my defence we chose a pizza with a whole wheat crust.

Technically the diet lasted for about 6 hours


Scarlett said…
Btw...what they don't tell us at gym is that once u stop going, u gain even more weight than u would've lost!!
6 hours is about how long my diets last. Oh well.
Unknown said…
Warning! It's time to study your family's eating habits and count calories! But I know, how to loose weight!
Anonymous said…
Is pooja makhijah's diet worth it? Any results?