The East Coast Story

I had earlier written about how I had met some people for the first time and then went out for dinner with them at Clark Quay and had a great time.
Well, I had a similar experience a couple of days later. It was the last day of the conference that I had gone to Singapore for and I was at a loose end. A prospect of an Indian, dosa, dinner was looming large.

That's when I saw three people sitting in the table beside us discussing their plans to explore the food of Singapore. I jumped up, joined their table and invited myself in. This was the beginning of another great evening at Singapore.
The three I joined were Kenneth from Singapore, Ann from London and Dezma who turned out to be from the suburb where I live in at Mumbai, Bandra.

Kenneth was playing the host for the evening and he was a very gracious host indeed. I think he was great ambassador of all the warm and smiling Singaporeans I came across during my stay there.
Earlier in the day I had presented a paper comparing Mumbai and Shanghai at the Esomar conference where we had made the point that these two cities were almost like twins separated at birth. Well as the evening progressed we joked about how the twins separated at birth label could apply to Kenneth and me too. The evidence:
  • He too is a staunch non vegetarian and strongly believed that vegetarians missed out great things in life
  • He too loved to travel. He was trying to decide between Goa and Sri Lanka for his next holiday. I, of course, stepped in as the Goa guide
  • And, if you want to stretch it, both our names begin with K

Kenneth took the four of us to the East Coast. East Coast is on the beach at Singapore. You can see ships lined across the sea. There are nice landscaped lawns and jogging tracks. Plus a Hawker's Centre. A Hawker's Centre is a food court with a number of local food stalls. You place your order and then have your meals in the courtyard

Some of the awesome eats Kenneth treated us to included scrumptious fried chicken wings, a stingray where half the fish was seasoned with lime and the other half with a spice paste, juicy lamb and chicken satays, a very interesting shrimp powder and yam Oriental salad/ stir fry and huge plates of mussels and clams. We washed this down first with Thai coconut water (much sweeter than what I have had anywhere else) and Tiger Beer.

It was another remarkable evening where I bonded with three people I hardly knew over good food and by the setting sun... strengthening my belief that there is nothing like a good meal had with good people. A fitting end to my trip. Thanks for letting me barge in on your evening guys!


k said…
the food shots look stunning!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
And this with our good old SAMsung. Now let's see how the Sony I bought at Changi works out
Anonymous said…
Oh the warmth of the coast and fishy offerings on the East Coast. Another Tiger beer please!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Anne: Now get ready for Kingfisher beer at Bombay
Unknown said…
The food looks hungry already :-)
Can't wait to try the food in Singapore one day...the food looks delicious!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Singapore is really the food capital of the world. The range of food one gets is amazing. The local food is great too. Even vegetarians should not have a problem as there is a lot to offer and plus vendors understand English
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