Still at Singapore

Today was the first day of the conference. I decided to have a light breakfast (yogurt, muffins) but could not resist some smoked salmon.

The food at the conference was largely local. Unlike conferences within the company where food caters to Indian tastes even when held abroad, here the food reflected the international audience of the conference. Had some nice prawn dim sums in the morning. Lunch was good with grilled Sea Bass and sirloin steak. Dinner was at a restaurant called "No Signboard". It was a sit down dinner and consisted of an array of local dishes - deer in Chinese style, crisp chicken, goose duck organs, clams (deceptively spicy), yams. Finally got to have the famed Singapore chilly crabs there. looked awesome (will upload pictures later). But I was too stuffed by the million dishes which came till then and the constantly replenished red wine. Frankly I found the meat of the crabs a bit too fishlike for my liking. However the sauce was nice and went well with buns.

I am presenting a paper tomorrow so I guess I'll close down for tonight and take a look at my slides if I am still awake.