Birdy's New york pastry - I am not sharing this

This is picture of one of my favourite pastries. It is called 'New York pastry' - I don't know why.

It has everything I like about pastries:
  • Chocolate based
  • Sponge (as against mousse or cream based)
  • Juicy
  • On the sweeter side
  • Not too expensive - Rs 50 (1.1 USD)

I have tried pastries from various places over the years but this remains one of my favourites...and I don't like sharing it


Thistlemoon said…
I like sponge with vanilla the best - but this sure does look tasty and what a deal! :)

Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll!
k said…
Since you always share it with me, i guess you like me more!!!!!!!!!!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Jenndz: Thanks for letting me into the Foodie Blogroll. Actually my wife is the chocolate freak. I prefer flavours like butterscotch, strawberries when it comes to ice creams. But I am sucker for chocolate when it comes to cakes
@K: yes...its gotta be love...because Left to myself I would want to finish a whole New York cake without sharing