Glorias Jean's - a nice coffee break

Gloria Jean's is a new coffee shop opened at Bandra at Turner Rd besides Pot Pourri.
According to Rashmi Uday Singh's review in the Times, this is an Australia based chain. In fact I saw it at Singapore recently.
The wife and I are quite fond of it. It is slightly more expensive than the regular coffee shops - Barista and CCD. However, the range of coffees is better. We like their basic cappuccino (small Rs 60 or so). I also tried their vanilla flavoured coffee which I found a bit too sweet. But I have realised that I don't like flavoured coffees as a genre. I have tried a cold coffee which was nice and icy. I love their strawberry milk shake (small is Rs 100). The strawberry pulp is sweet and tangy and is quite yummy. The wife tried a green tea ice tea yesterday which was nice and light and good for the diet conscious.
We are both quite fond of the sandwiches which are quite crisp and tasty in contrast to the slightly stale and thick ones one gets in the other coffee shops. My only complaint is that there aren't too many non vegetarian options.
They have pastries too but I have not tried them yet.
The staff is very friendly and warm. They have a point of view which is good. Once I was wondering about a sandwich and the person at the counter said it was very good. I ordered it and it was very good. In fact, when one leaves, then all the folks at the counter wish you a cheerful goodbye.
We love the ambiance of scattered sofas and couches and pastel shades which gives it a very cosy feeling. Though it does get a bit crowded in the evenings. They also have a coffee card which they punch every time you have a coffee/ drink and you get a drink free after the tenth punch. We earned our first yesterday!


k said…
Now can we have our free drink?!
Scarlett said…
Bandra got Gloria Jeans at the expense of Lemon Grass, and that's a sad loss. The Lemon Grass at Phoenix isn't half that nice.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
I found the food to be temperamental and the service patchy in my 2 visits to Lemon Grass at Phoenix. The one at bandra was better
Shubh said…
This will have to do till I get parking close enough to Gloria's.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Shubh: try parking in front of HSBC