I love Baskin Robbins...but is the feeling mutual?

Baskin Robbins is my favourite ice cream amongst the options available in India. I like their flavours and the ice creams are evers so creamy... nice and buxom unlike the waiflike gelattos or the irritatingly sweet 'natural' ice creams.

I managed to convince Kainaz to order a tub for me to go along with our Beefeater, kakori and galawti kebab (from Kakori House) night at home last night.

We ordered my favourite almond praline flavour. I crushed some Oreo cookies which Kainaz got for me from Bangkok recently. The result was so good that Kainaz threw her dietary hangups to the wind and matched me spoon by spoon.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the tub filled to the brim. Off late the gap between the lid and the ice cream had widened each time we ordered. I realised the reason why we got a full serving when I read the Times of India this morning. Apparently the police had raided a few Baskin Robbins outlet and saw that they packs did not have the requisite weight. Which is a crime.

In fact I had suspected this earlier and had told the BR guys while ordering in the past but they did not agree. Well the police/ food authorities have now ensured that I get the ice cream that I pay for. So the law is not always an ass.

Talking of stubbornness, I always ask the folks at BR Bandra to send spoons too when I place an order. Including yesterday. And they never do. Yesterday I was so irritated that I called back and made them send them to me.

Guys you sell lovely ice creams... so why don't you make it a lovely experience all through?