Its a Sony

I bought a new camera at Singapore - a Sony DSC T 70. I bought it primarily for the blog and for holiday photos. I am still getting used to it but here are some of the photos that I took. This was before my Singapore photos with my 4 yr old Samsung got rave reviews on the blog! Hopefully the photos on the new one will be significantly different to make it worth the money.

This is a fish moily which the wife made at home:

This is my favourite snack from Calcutta - Mukhorochok's papri dalmut. My mother sent it when the wife had visited her recently:
This is the classic roast chicken at Candies:
My favourite brownie shake at Barrista:
This is a picture of person roasting corn at the sea side. I was trying the twilight option. I think my hands shook but the result is interesting: