Lazy Sunday breakfast 2: the way it should be

Readers might remember my cribs about our breakfast at JATC last Sunday

To sum up, we went there to unwind after a busy week and because we were feeling lazy and wanted to pamper ourselves. What we got was food which was good in parts and service which was smiling at times but largely sloppy.

After this I made a long speech to Kainaz on whether it made sense to eat on Sunday. Then I woke up this Sunday and told her 'let's go out for breakfast'.

And I followed my mantra - 'when in doubt go to Candies'. Here's the logic:

  • we know how the food tastes there and know that it is consistent

  • it's self service so you cut out the service variable

  • while the place resembles a Beatles concert in the sixties on weekends, the madness starts only after 12 noon

My reasoning was right and we had a nice, pleasant breakfast. The morning started on a nice note with smiling, avuncular, gentleman at the counter taking our order with a big smile.

Kainaz and I shared a chicken jungli sandwich.

It was too hot for coffee. So I had a cold coffee which was nice and ice creamy and much better than what you get at the coffee shops. If there was a fairy godmother of coffees then this would be one. You feel nourished, loved and cared for as you sip it.

Kainaz had her favourite wildberry ice tea. She just freaks on this. This is one drink which makes her forget her diet cola and sugar substitute life views and makes her live life the way its meant to be.

Kainaz really toiled in the heat to make us dinner last night. To show my appreciation I bought her a jelly slice. A jelly slice is this tiny little thing at rs 6 (less than ten cents US) which is sweet and wobbly, kids love do some of us grown ups.

I picked one of their green Thai curries for lunch. We also picked up a few of their potato chops for Kainaz to take to her grandmom as she set off on a Red Riding Hood Sunday


Scarlett said…
The cold coffee at Candy's is heavenly. It's so chocolatey!!
Scarlett said…
I don't like the food in Calcutta. Even restaurants aren't that good. I miss Bombay :(
Kalyan Karmakar said…
'chocolatey' is just the word for the Candies cold coffee. Nigella would have approved

Check out the following in Cal:
1. fish a la diana and baked crab at Mocambo (park street)+ chelo kebab at Peter Kat
2. Ice teas at Dollys tea centre (dakshinapan)
3. Kewpies - Bhowanipore for Bong food
4. Rolls at bedwins, hot kaati, zeeshan
5. Tangra chinese is supposed to be good. I went once ages back
6. Rum balls & strawberry pastries at Flurys
7. Phuchka in new market