Love it tender: KFC

I know it is the done thing amongst food writers to run down American fast food chains as serving characterless, faceless, standardised, tasteless tripe.

My experience with KFC (Linking Road, Bombay) was quite different though.

Kainaz and I happened to be there last Sunday. I was hungry so she suggested going in as I had wanted to go there for a while. We had their classic chicken fry and chicken strips.

We were both surprised by how tender both dishes were. The chicken was really juicy and succulent. Both dishes far exceeded our expectations. They were not chunky or chewy at all as I thought they might be. A rare case where a brand lived up to its brand promise - 'finger licking good'.

We definitely plan to go back and have the famous bucket once.

One thing I noticed though was that it was not as spic and span as McDonalds outlets. There were plates of folks who had left lying on the tables and overall it did not seem as clean.


Scarlett said…
Be careful of KFC. It can give you mad cravings! I avoided going there for 2 yrs but once I gave in...and after that I used to get mad cravings for their chicken strips & Zinger!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
i can quite empathise
Unknown said…
I eat from KFC atleast once a week...I end up have their 3 piece chicken meal and I request for one leg and two thigh pieces..I tried the Wrapster last week, but din like it as such.....But don think its doing gr8 in Mumbai as such
k said…
I think we should use KFC as a take away place.