Nice legs (Khaane Khaas)

This is a picture of 'Tangdi Kebab' from Khaane Khaas. 'Taang' means legs.
The wife is particularly fond of this (I am talking of the kebabs here) and so am I. these are made with chicken drumsticks and have a light mustard and yogurt marinade and are really succulent.

They cost about 90 Rs (2.1 USD) per plate of 3 drumsticks


Anonymous said…
These chicken legs look delectable! Yum, and for $2 us?
What a deal! I have been enjoying a reading your posts so thanks! It's exciting to see delicious food from around the world (I'm from the US and have never been to India, not yet at least)
Thanks and cheers!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Thanks Erinn. Glad you liked it. I do hope you get to make it too Inida someday. the range of food across the country is mind blowing