Off to eat

My posts will be a bit sporadic if, at all, till the weekend ends.

I am off to Calcutta for a short trip tomorrow. I will join Kainaz who has gone there for work today.

So I will be eating at home at my Mom's kitchen for the next few days. I was remembering how I use to crave for chicken curry, my Mom's fish head dal (lentil soup with fish head) and alu posto (potatoes suauted in poppy seeds)when I used to go home after I had shifted to Bombay. In fact I used to tell her not to make fish and make more of meat especially as I was staying as a PG (Paying Guest) in Bombay with a family that served vegetarian food.

Unlike me, Kainaz is a big fish eater though. So nowadays my mom, aunt and grandmom make fish to their heart's content when we go to Calcutta... so you know which of us is the favoured one.

This is a short trip so I doubt whether we would do the rounds of Mocambo, Flury's et al. But knowing Kainaz I am sure we will go to Dolly's.

Also my Mom has recently discovered a passion for pizzas (she will deny it though if you ask her)with a Domino's opening up near our house in Calcutta. So I am mentally preparing for at least one pizza dinner. I remember in one of my recent trips I had to go with her to the newly opened McDonalds in Calcutta. Well that's shut down so I won't have to sacrifice a precious Calcutta eat for good old Mac


vandana rajesh said…
Nice read your blog...your passion for food is evident in the lines...have a gr8 holiday and do let us in on some of your bengali food experiences too.
Unknown said…
By the way, am coming in July fr 12odd days....What should I expect from Karmakar kitchen cooked by the chef himself ???? ;-)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Vandana: Thanks. had a great holiday. stuffed myself and was steamed too!
@kashi: pl please ur order fast...tables are filling up
Unknown said…
Well, I hope the table is booked....bout the order, I would like the chef himself to suggest me on what should I waiting :-)