Amidst the ruins at the Coffee Day Lounge at the Mumbai airport

I had a unique experience at the Coffee Day lounge at the Mumbai airport.

I had the dubious distinction of eating the world's first brownie.

The jury is still out on whether the Aryans made it when they came to India or whether the Dravidians made it even before that. It is even possible that the dancing girl of Mohenjodaro had baked it.

Its staleness and crumbly texture are testimony to the fact that the brownie was a genuine artifact. And if there was any doubt then the cost of Rs 150 (about USD 4) confirms its historical origins. After all Johhny come latelys like the Brownies of Theobrama, Oven bake or Candies which are moist, gooey, tasty and fresh cost a paltry 20-40 Rs (1 USD).

Needless to say I didn't finish this rare piece and left it for posterity.

PS I must admit the coffee was nice, hot and strong


k said…
This is by far your funniest post.
Sudeshna said…
So, now I know why so sceptic about CCD :).