Shocked and awed

I recently saw George Bush's comment about how food prices in the world have gone up because the Indian middle class is eating more than before.

I guess foodies like me are to blame for this. My passion for food has probably rubbed off on some people over the years. There have possibly been folks who have had an extra morsel after talking with me.

I myself baulked at the thought of buying sandwiches when I shifted out of home as I compared the prices with what it actually costs. Ten years down the line I do buy sandwiches at Candies, American Express, Gloria Jean's, et al. I guess this someway has contributed to the rise in sandwich prices in the White House cafeteria.

Perhaps this is George Bush's way of getting back at the Indian press and political parties who would blame everything in the eighties from floods to droughts to bad fashion sense on CIA conspiracies!


Anonymous said…
Yum. I love seeing the food scene in India.