A sleepy breakfast at JATC

We went out for breakfast this Sunday. As we do on most Sundays. I think it's a nice way to to chill after a busy week. Plus I guess we feel too lazy to make breakfast. And it is always nice to go out.
Just Around the Corner was once our regular Sunday breakfast haunt. And their waffles and coffee was our poison. Off late though we have tried out other places such as Candies, Crepe Station and The Bagel Shop.
We went to JATC after quite a while today. We didn't have waffles though as I wanted to avoid eggs. Actually I didn't feel like waffles so used that as an excuse. I felt like some soft rolls. So I had their croissants with butter and marmalade which were really nice.
Poor Kainaz wanted waffles however so was a bit let down when I didn't go along. She took a plate of fruits instead. This was a bad choice though. The fruits were quite tasteless and not very fresh. Which was a bit sad at Rs 80.
Though I must say my watermelon juice was nice and refreshing.
The service was tardy as usual. I had to get the watermelon juice after they did not send it to the table unlike what they promised. Kainaz got her coffee after I reminded the coffee guy some 4 times!
So the breakfast experience was a mixed one. The staff was friendly and it is nice to come across smiling faces in the morning. But the service was careless. The croissants and juice were good. The fruits were indifferent. But Kainaz liked her coffee.
I will go back to JATC again. I like the place. I like the cheery ambience. But sometimes I wish that I would get my money's worth in terms of consistently good food and a bit more attentive and prompt service.