Calcutta Capers 1: Hot pot

I'll never be able to steam fish with a clear conscience.

I have just returned from Calcutta and got a taste of how it is to get steamed...and believe me it is no fun. It was so hot... and humid. I was quite unprepared, spoilt as I have been by my recent air conditioned existence in Bombay. An existence of what some of my brethren in Calcutta would call capitalist pigs. Hats off to Kainaz for gamely bearing the heat. My remedy to the heat was similar to what I do to cool containers in which I steam fish - I kept taking showers.

Of course there is a lot to report from the hours my mother spent in the kitchen dishing up her prawn curry, fish curry and alu bhaja (fries) to my favourite luchi and chholar daal breakfast at my grandmom to our two trips to Dolly's Tea Shop to the phuchkas and the inevitable pizza dinner to the rolls on the last night and the multiple trips to Flurys for pastries and Gangurams for Bengali sweets.

Both Kainaz and I did manage to pack in quite a bit while there.I took a lot of pictures too. I will put it in more posts now after having cooled down a bit