Calcutta Capers 3: Sweet spot

Anyone who goes to visit Calcutta knows that it is a must to pick sweets from Calcutta for the folks back home. The sweets (mishti) of Calcutta are legendary. According to Chitrita Banerjee's Eating India, these cottage cheese based sweets owe their origin to the Portuguese who had occupied Bengal in the 1700s. Their love of cheese led Calcuttans to experiment with cottage cheese and come up with the famous shondeshes and roshogollas.
The '3's and '4's in the photo are the prices per piece in Rupees (around ten cents US).

The streets of Calcutta are dotted with sweet shops or 'mishtir dokaan' as they are called in Bengali.

I normally go to a shop called 'Shondesh Mahal' opposite my house. I picked up 40 sweets for office while Kainaz picked up sixty! Both sets got over in a jiffy once we opened the boxes in our office. These are moments when I specially remember my friend Kashi, a regular reader, who would keep SMSing me to get sweets when I would go to Calcutta.

I also went to Flurys quite a few times in this trip. This is a shop started by a Swiss family '5 generations' back. I love their 'cube' pastries. Unlike other cakes which have layers of cream within the sponge, these have layers of sponge within the cream and butter. And they make the best lemon tarts ever which even beat those at the other famous pastry shop in Calcutta, Cookie Jar. The filling of the tarts is ever so soft and melts in your mouth. While the original is at Park Street thy have now opened branches all over Calcutta.

I was also happy to bump into my favourite cookie shop, Cookie Man, at the South City Mall. I just love the soft centre macademia and chocolate chip cookies there.


Scarlett said…
Amen to macademia & chocolate chip cookies! Heard Flury's has deteriorated in terms of quality compared to what it used to be?
Unknown said…
Hey, so sweet that u remember me at times :-)...Infact, the first time ever I had kheer kodom was the one you had brought from Kol when I was new in office... I din want to eat it from the look of it, but some how I tried (Well, u can't say NO to your boss ;-))and I realised what I would have missed :-)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@scarlett: guess will have to make do with cookieman till captain amos opens...if ever. re: Flury's I dont know much about the past as I didn't have very financially indulgent yrs while growing up in cal...but I remember the choco chip ince creams they use to sell in brown plastic cups. loved it when i had just came in to Cal as a kid and used to make my parents buy it after school, a princely sum of Rs2.50 I think
k said…
You've reminded of cookie man's soft cookies on a day when I might not evn have time for lunch. Not fair.