Calcutta Capers 4 - Back to Dolly's

No trip to Calcutta is complete for us till we go to Dolly's Tea Shop at Dakshinapan. Kainaz just loves it and I am quite fond of it too.
We were planning to go on Saturday before we left on Sunday. But I took Kainaz on Friday too as I didn't want to leave it to chance. So we managed two great trips in four days.
This time I tried the unusual pairings of water melon and mango with ice tea. Both were excellent, refreshing and were made with fresh fruit juice. Both were recommended by the friendly ladies who man the shop and have been there whenever we've gone there.
Kainaz stuck to her usual of black currant and then had a peach and apricot too. I tasted both. they were quite nice and sweet the way Kainaz likes her ice teas.
One suggestion though. I wish they gave wider straws. The ones they give are too narow specially for their pulpy teas.
We took my mom on Saturday. She had a Darjeeling monsoon mist and said it was the best tea she had had in a while. After which she ordered and indulged in a cheesy corn sandwich. It was quite cheesy and tasty.
We met the owner (Dolly?) this time and I gave her a print out of my last post on Dolly's Apparently she opened in 1988 so the shop is around 20 years old. That speaks volumes I guess. I think their prices were fixed twenty years back. The average ice tea price is Rs 25 (60 cents US). An such trip gets served at other places at seventy Rupees and above.
We first went in in 2003 so this was our 5th year there... and I look forward to may more visits.


Unknown said…
I got connected with few close Bong friends at IMRB including the chef and that has made me wanting to go to Kol someday for sure... Am sure I will have to plan a long stay if I have to savor all the places mentioned in the blog :-)
k said…
And it was leagues ahead of the ice tea we had last night.
Wish dolly's would open a branch in bombay!
Or you could buy me a plane :)
vandana rajesh said…
Those are lovely pics and stories of ur Cal trip. Looking forward to more of your interesting posts. Would love to have an entry from u and Kainaz for the event at my blog.
Unknown said…
Hi, I have been introduced to ur blog by my boyfriend whose a foodie to the core. like u, im also a bong living in mumbai and love eating and trying new places.
its nice to see someone putting up a post on Dolly's on their blog. it used to be my fave hangout while in college.
U should definitely try out the Orange mint julep and the chicken ham sandwich when you go there next.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Priyanka, thanks for writing in. Reminds me that it is time to go and say hi to Dolly.

The girls in my college used to go to Dakhinapan to buy jute files. I discovered the place after I returned as a Probashi.


Unknown said…
oh.. that's nice... its usually a fave hangout of Jadavpur University students. i discovered it in my junior year, when we had tagged along with a group of seniors. :P
and yes, i remember the jute files, i think i may have some lying around here. :D.

Keep writing. :)