I have not written in a while.
Quite a few of you have written in asking me why. I realised it's time I write when even Kainaz pointed out that I had not written in a while. Normally she is quite tired by the time I have given her a blow by blow account of my day to read the blog.
Actually there is one person who is responsible for me taking a break from my role as the Carrie Bradshaw of the food world. That person is our maid, Banu!
My attempts to get her to cook has been quite successful. She is the fastest learner that I have worked with. Her earnestness combines well with my training style which is to guide but not hand hold. She decodes my instructions pretty well, at times on phone, and the results are usually as per if not beyond expectations.
Banu is a local Muslim from Bombay whom I have taught how to make Bengali dishes. So in less than three weeks she has picked up fish kaalia, fish in mustard curry, methi shaak, shukto (with a mix from Calcutta), bhaaja moong daal, cabbage, green moon daal tarka and makes her own versions of okhra, biriyani and kebabs too.
So what's this got to do with my not writing? Well I take Banu's cooking for lunch at work (Kainaz has bought me a Tupperware set for this), plus we have it for dinner. So there is no reason to order out or eat out or cook. Ergo no topics to write about.
I guess it's time to open my travel blog.


k said…
I am assuming this post was writen beofre the salty dal and the horrid doi mach