Good to be back

I haven't written for a while since my last post.

I guess both the last post and its subject are tough acts to follow!

I would like to thank each of you who had written in with comments, texted me or emailed me with your comments on my father. I was quite touched. It was not an easy post to write and frankly I was a bit drained after it. I did not write for a while as I was not ready to shift back to relatively banal and trite topics such as food and restaurant reviews.

So here I am back again after a week of losing myself in work, seeing geriatric women and old men desperately clinging on to yesterday (Sex and the City, Indy Jones 4), enjoying the Bombay rains and with an interesting experience in managment (teaching my maid how to cook).

This blog is more than a hundred posts old and I have enjoyed every bit of it. I had no idea that it would grow like this when Kainaz had opened this blog for me last October. I have always loved writing... but never got down to writing the great Indian novel. Years spent in cubicles at work and then plonked in front of the telly at night and living the routine put paid to that. But this blog has helped me snap out of my lifelong writer's block. The fact that it is on food, a world that has always fascinated me has helped. The blog has become a big part of my life now. In fact I often I don't find enough time to write what I want to.I am thinking of topics all the time, clicking pictures often to the chagrin of Kainaz.

(this is a picture of Kainaz clicking me as I was taking snaps at a Red Box. Thankfully she didn't go to the police with the evidece of harrasment at the restaurant!)

I like sharing my thoughts and expressing my self through the blog. Both with people I know and many whom I don't. I eagerly look forward to comments which come in and answering them.

In a way the last week was a state of cold turkey for me as a I did not write a single post. Though I did keep reading and publishing comments. This was quite a change from the minimum of nearly a comment a day that I was averaging.

And I guess I am back.