Some decent eats at Barista

I am not a big fan of the food one gets at Barista or Cafe Coffee Day. I usually find their sandwiches and other savouries to be a bit stale and not too tasty. In fact Gloria Jeans is much better on this count.
I was pleasantly surprised when I stopped at a Barista on the way back from a meeting recently. I was quit hungry and tried something called a Lemon Chicken Sandwich there. This was a brown bread sub with a lemon and eggless mayo dressing with pleasantly succulent (leg pieces I think) pieces of chicken. They served it warm and I must say it was quite tasty and I reckon fairly healthy too.
I ordered it the next day at another Barista when I had met up with Kainaz for lunch. The taste remained the same and she liked it too. I decided to ride my luck and order something called 'lamb kebab sandwich'. They grilled it and gave it to me. This was quite tasty as well. The lamb kebab filling was soft, almost creamy. The taste was Indian without being overtly spicy. Just right for a sandwich.
So two good things to eat. Not counting the desserts of course where they have this most amazing pastry called 'chocolate excess'.
Kainaz has also told me about a supposedly tasty dish called kheema bun which Coffee Day has recently introduced. She has often praised it. The only problem is that I never seem to find itt when I ask for it at Coffee Day. So I am living in hope. Till then Barista it is.