Baa Baa...JATC

I must say that I am a bit sheepish to admit that we went to Just Around The Corner for breakfast today. That too after my recent tirade against it Cornered at JATC.
Well there is a reason to it - a sense of conjugal responsibility. Kainaz has wanted waffles for quite sometime and each time I have chosen a non waffles place. So this time I had decided that waffles it is.
She chose JATC over the other waffle options at Bandra - Coffee World, Crepe Station and Open Affair.
I must say we weren't disappointed. The waffles were nice and crisp without being chewy. They were neither too sweet nor too salty. In fact Kainaz loved them and was in her words thrilled to have 'the good old waffles'.
And you should go by her ecstatic reaction. I am currently not in a waffles phase so like I said I didn't mind them and as far as waffles go they were pretty good.
The coffee came in time and were hot. Kainaz's take away had less than the usual amount which we pointed out and had fixed.
I had a jam cookie ( a layer of apricot-like jam sandwiched in two soft milk cookies). Here I'll go ahead with Kainaz's description of them being the 'best jam cookies ever'.


Scarlett said…
Surprise surprise!! :)