Cornered again: Just Around The corner

Amnesia is a condition where you have a lapse of memory.
Masochism is a psychological condition where a person gets pleasure, even sexual I think, on inflicting pain on oneself.
I don't know which of the two led me to the place which has already featured twice in the 'Mumbai Lows' section of this blog.
The last time I went to JATC for breakfast, they had torched the croissants which had ordered and it had become as hard as a walnut. I left screaming to Kainaz that I'll never come back.
This morning was nice and damp and cloudy and I suggested going to JATC for breakfast. Our coffees came surprisingly promptly though Kainaz had to send her cappuccino back as it did not have froth.
I had ordered their 'breakfast express' - an omelet with lettuce, sliced tomatoes in a sub. This costs 120 Rs (about 3 USD) which is fairly expensive by Indian standards (the average Mc Donalds burger ranges from Rs 20-50 and a 6" at Subway costs Rs 90). Well they made it and let it lie on the counter for a while before getting it to our table. So when I took the first bite I saw that the omelet was ice cold. So I asked the waiter to heat it. Now how long would you heat a sub. 20 seconds in a micro? 10 seconds? The idea is to warm it? right? Well they napalmed my sub and got it to the tables. The damned thing was so hot that it was steaming and it steamed for about 4,5 minutes. So I had to have bread which was cooked! The omelet? Salt free and taste less. The lettuce and sliced tomatoes cooked - so gone was the crunchiness of the salad which is supposed to give a counter bite to the omelet as were gone its nutrient values. And have you ever smelt singed lettuce? Don't! So another morning ruined thanks to Just Around The Corner who now have the dubious distinction of featuring thrice in the Mumbai Lows section of Finely Chopped. And like I said earlier for something which is priced quite high compared to the average Indian's breakfast expense.
The only redeeming feature was the jam cookie which I had with my coffee which was quite tasty and which I unknowingly saved from a fate worse than death when I refused their offer to 'heat' it.
Maybe they should change their name to Bikini Atoll given their destructive experiments.


Scarlett said…
Why do you keep going back to that horrid place? Go to Candies instead. Or The Bagel Shop. Or Crepe Station. Or even Good Luck for their keema pao!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
I guess I am sucker for their bright, cheery ambience...and there was a sense of ghar ka murgi with Candies as I keep going there. Anyway quietely went to Candies last evening and had a great time