Full of beans: Gloria Jean's

Gloria's Jeans is the coffee shop which is closest to our house. It is at Turner Road, Bandra, beside Pot Pourrie.

Kainaz often used to pick her cuppa from there. I prefer Candies which is fairly close too as I love the place (the only restaurant with its own section in my blog, I stopped there for breakfast and tea last evening), the coffee is cheaper and good and they give free lemon tarts/ jelly slices/ marzipan bites with the coffee. Anyway this post is not on Candies so let me move on.

I was sleepily trudging to office the other day. The coffee at home was over. That's when I decided to stop at Gloria's and picked up a cappuccino.

The coffee was nice and strong and left a warm, solid feeling as I sipped it. It did manage to wake me up a bit! I added a bit of cocoa powder to it. The price was Rs 55 (1.5 USD) which makes it cheaper than Coffee World.

The supply for the day had come in when I went in - the sight of the croissants and pastries and brownies were ever so tempting. But I had had some egg white, sprouts and hummus goop before leaving home.

I like their baseline - 'escape the daily grind'. It appeals to my sense of punning.

PS. this is my third attempt at this post. I deleted it by mistake the first time and the net connection broke the second time.


Scarlett said…
'Escape the daily grind' reminds me of the coffee shop on campus in college. It was called 'The Daily Grind'. Every morning of mine would start with an Irish cream flavored coffee from the Daily Grind...which would tide me till 3pm or so. Then I'd witness another dip in energy levels...and I'd still have a class or two to attend...so I'd head to 'The Daily Grind' once again. I used to also love their bagels with sour cream & onion cheese spread, which used to be my breakfast-on-the-run-to-class on most days. And they were connected to our on-campus book shop which had a separate seating section for people who wanted to read one of their books or study while they had their coffee. Ofcourse, the overbrewed, bitter American coffee spoils you & I find the coffee served in most Indian coffee shops comes nowhere even close to American coffee!

Good old college days! :)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Scarlett: strange you should write this on a day when i had a chat with an old college friend after a million years.I had my own Cinema paradiso moment at Presidency a couple of years back. I think Il write a post on that soon