Gallops: A special place

Gallops is the restaurant which is there at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse at Mumbai.

It has a special place in our lives. Kainaz and I had our first special occasion meal when she treated me on her birthday, we had our first Valentine's dinner there and we hosted our wedding dinner too (nine guests including two kids!). We recently went there again for my father in law's birthday.

So what's special about Gallops? To start with, the location. If you go there during the day then you can look onto the racing greens which is a wonderful relief at Bombay. The setting is quite classy too with heavy wooden furniture, candles lit at night and a big round clock on the wall by the bar.

Gallops serves both Indian and continental food. We had ordered Indian food for our wedding. It's another story that I was barely able to eat with the tension and excitement that day.

However, we are really fond of the continental food over there. Our favourite, without doubt, is the prawn thermidor - juicy prawns in a CHEESY white sauce with parsley rice (two people will struggle to finish it). Heavenly! Their prawns wrapped in bacon are quite nice and they make some nice dishes with pork.

I remember that their bread rolls were disappointing when we used to order them. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were not only serving complimentary bread this time but some very tasty bread too.

I wonder when our next 'special' meal at Gallops will be.

PS...given the memories attached to it, it was spooky that we bumped into four people from the office where Kainaz and I first met, when we there for dinner on Thursday. That too a day before the anniversary of the day when I had expressed feelings for her to her eight years back


Scarlett said…
Gallops is special for me too, along similar lines. We had our New Yrs lunch there. It was a bright & sunny day! I had lasagna while the Calcuttan had keema.
k said…
Unless you take me to gallops again for a fancy friday lunch, I'm sending the link of this blog to your dear dietician.