Kakori House Hike

I had ordered from Kakori House the other night. Their galawti kebabs and kakori kebabs are big favourites of ours.

They informed me that their prices have gone up while taking the order. The aver price per plate was Rs 70 and this has gone up to about Rs 120 (3 USD). Almost a 60% hike. I don't know whether they have done this because of the rise in prices are because of their growing popularity.

Either way, it is still worth it. Their kebabs unique. They match up to what I have had at Lucknow or at the ITC hotels. So frankly I don't mind paying the price. Each bite of the kebabs which just melts in your mouth is worth a million bucks.

Thankfully they seemed to have strengthened their delivery network and ordering on weekends is not as difficult as it had become in between.