Mr Chow's - Chinese food delivered home

I have grown quite fond of a Chinese place called Mr Chow's which is a home delivery only place.

I first got to know about it when their menu was slipped in under the door along with our newspaper one morning. The bright red colour caught my eye and the baseline 'lai! lai! lai! Come on let's eat' called me. I have ordered quite a few times from there and find their food to be nice. They are very prompt in delivering orders too.

I tried their Cantonese Steamed Chicken noodles today as I didn't one something fried. It was fairly healthy I guess and, despite that, tasty. I seasoned it with a bit of soya and, call me a philistine, ketchup.

I have tried their hakka noodles, kung pao chicken and chilly chicken/ lamb (in the photo here, not jet black unlike in most other places) in the past which were quite good too.
They are one of the few places to offer pork and lamb if you have the heart for it.