New order at Candies?

I was at the Mc Ronnel's Candies this morning to pick up breakfast on a rainy day before coming to work.

I saw that they had put created 4-5 individual queues similar to the ones at McDonalds at the payment counter. It will be interesting to see how this works during rush hours. I had suggested this on the blog during the initial days of the Candies outlet when they couldn't cope up with the rush.

Hopefully this step of theirs will help soothe the frazzled nerves of the hungry and distraught during rush hours because it gets too grimy.

They have had to cover the terrace garden because of the rains. That's a shame and is avoidable for the moment.

PS I was alone at work today as I had come, somewhat uncharacteristically, to work on a rainy day. Well it was actually a sunny day by lunch time. The roast chicken I picked up from Candies gave me company during lunch