Real coffee in a coffee shop

Aargh!!! This post disappeared after I pressed 'publish'. So here goes again...

Kainaz and I went to Carter Road for a walk last evening. We have been quite regular for the past few days. Thanks to her, I must say, and the Honey Ginseng green tea.

Anyway she felt like a coffee so went to the new shop called Coffee World which has opened at the restaurant lane at the end of Carter Road.

Kainaz picked up a regular cappuccino. At Rs 67 it was more in the Gloria's price range and more expensive than Barrista and CCD which charge Rs 50.

I took a few sips and loved it. It was strong and robust the way I love my coffee. In fact I've rarely come across a coffee shop, including the Starbucks of the world, which serve a nice, solid coffee. In fact it was too strong for poor Kainaz who is still new to the world of coffee. She was up till 3 in the morning, a bit like the chipmunks in Alvin and the chipmunks after they had cold coffee. But I must say it was strong in a nice way and left a very reassuring feeling as I took a couple of sips from her cup. Even Kainaz liked it quite a bit.

They had some interesting food items displayed in their counter such as chicken slice and salad croissants, waffles, classic tomato and cheese toast sandwich and some interesting looking pastries. They looked quite tempting. Though the brownie at Rs 75 looked over priced and insipid.

They apparently open at nine in the morning and serve food from then. Most other coffee shops don't serve food that early. I am quite keen to go there for my next weekend breakfast. So keep watching for the full blown review after that and I hope I can add it to the Mumbai Highs section.


Scarlett said…
A good practice would be to copy your text before you hit 'publish'...just in case :)

As a matter of fact, Starbucks is what spoilt my coffee habits. I loved their over-brewed, bitter coffee so much that I get turned off by the coffee served at Barista & CCD, especially Barista. It's mild & insipid. Doesn't give you a kick.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
I love strong coffee.I hate the mily coffee you get at office canteens or small time restaurants. I have always been very particular about my coffee and always make it myself at home including in my PG days. I too agree that the coffee in most local coffee shops are more like hot liquids (hot, if you are lucky) than coffee