Tickled pink: Bagel Shop

Kainaz and I went to the Bagel Shop, Bandra, for breakfast today. The weather was nice and wet.

We remembered that the bagels were a bit too crisp and over done the last time that we ate there. Plus we didn't get salmon so had a cream cheese and ham one. We had ordered two plates and it turned out to be too much.

This time we managed to get a Norwegian salmon one which is what we wanted last time but didn't get then. We asked for a bagel with poppy seeds and made it a point to ask them twice to grill it very mildly.

What we get was just fantastic. The bagel was warm with a hunt of crustiness in an otherwise soft bread. It was very faintly sweet and the poppy seeds added a slight crunch to each bite. The pink smoked Norwegian salmon was very good and its slightly sweet and tangy taste broke the sharpness of the amazing cream cheese feeling. I just love cream cheese. We ordered one plate and shared it between the two of us. This was fairly filling. We had two juices to go with it - watermelon and pineapple. The glasses were huge.

The salmon bagel with the two juices came to Rs 350 (about 9 USD).

It's a nice place to be in with its haphazard array of cane chairs, sofas and coffee table books which give it a nice relaxed feel. A perfect start to a weekend.

PS: I guess they must have caught on to the fact that the crisp bagels were not kosher. I saw that the bagels on most other tables too looked soft unlike the last time we came here.


Scarlett said…
I used to love the Bagel shop. The whole setting was very cute...the small house, the low windows with really low cane chairs etc.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@scarlett: i think I saw John A there a few wvenings back as I was returning from Carter Rd. I wonder if that would have increased your liking of the place
Scarlett said…
Not a big fan of John A. Prefer brains over brawn now :) I admire his down-to-earth nature but thats about it.
k said…
Next time, I'm going for the chocolate bagel