Toning down the guilt: Theobroma

I just had a sugar free mousse cake/ pastry.

We had picked it up from the delightful bakery in front of Cusrow Bag, Colaba and had it after dinner at home. I must admit it was fairly tasty. It was slightly on the bitter side which is why Kainaz liked it even more. I am not too fond of bitter chocolate and am definitely not a fan of sugar free chocolates but this was fairly tasty. In fact it tasted better than the sugar free chocolate (sponge based) cake which we had at Moshe's (not sweet enough). However, my favourite is the gooey sugar free chocolate cake at Basillico which is nice, moist and sweet.
My understanding is that this sugar free stuff is meant more for diabetics than for the weight conscious. Still one feels that much less guilty while having it.
Theobroma also has some very nice and soft brownies and they have an interesting range in cakes including some very nice experiments with marzipan and chocolate.

It is a small place but the brick coloured walls give it a nice and cosy feel. This three year old bakery, coincidentally owned by someone called Kainaz, is definitely worth checking out. Check out this article on the owner, quite an interesting story and I feel the shop reflects the personal touch of the owner.


Scarlett said…
Theobroma was one of my favorite eateries in Bombay. Try their chicken pesto sandwich. It used to be much nicer & cheaper earlier but it's still good. And ofcourse, their brownies & cheesecakes!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Scarlett...Pesto chicken sw sounds interesting. pesto is one of my favourite sauces. I make a fairly healthy version at home by skimping on the parmesan and using some skimmed milk as the base. I have tried a chicken mayo sandwich at T where I found the mayo to be a bit too eggy though
Scarlett said…
Try their chicken pesto :)