You say Tomato. I say tomato: Coffee World

We did go to Coffee World at Carter Road this weekend and here is the promised review.

We went there on Saturday morning and we were the only customers. I liked it. Kainaz didn't.

I had a cappuccino (Rs 67/ 1.5 USD with tax) and loved it. It had the same earthy, robustness which attracted me when I had a sip the other day. It was strong and the milkiness balanced this out. Just what I needed as I was trying to nurse a red wine induced hangover from the previous night.

I ordered a smoked chicken sandwich (Rs 100/ 2.5 USD). The chicken mix was ready and they added fresh tomatoes and lettuce. I wanted it grilled. They had used pannini bread so the end result was slightly cracker-like. And, unlike JATC, the salad wasn't torched. I loved the interplay of the chicken in mayo and the salad and the crisp/ cracker like bread. In fact my headache from the wine was gone after the breakfast.

So why did Kainaz dislike it? Well, when it comes to sandwiches, in her words, she 'wants her bread to taste like bread'. So the crisp pannini didn't work for her. Also she was in the mood for a waffle. However, she didn't state it so we didn't order that.

She ordered an Earl Grey which was a disaster. It was over brewed to the extent that it was more black than brown. The flavour was ruined and she could not finish it.

My verdict, is that Coffee World, though more expensive than Barrista and CCD, offers a wider range of food and better coffees and I would definitely like to explore it more.


k said…
Once again - I hated that sandwich. It was like prison bread. Actually, it was like prison biscuit.
I have to agree with Kainaz, cracker-like bread is not cool for a sandwich.