Comfort food

I have always believed in the power of food to make one feel better. My standard advice to friends who are feeling low is 'to go and get yourself some good ice cream'. Good food can make you feel much better when you are physically unwell too.

I had a bad bout of sneezing on Friday. I kept getting these gut wrenching sneezes in the most inopportune of times - in a client meeting, while screening a job applicant, while reviewing the plans of a team member at work. The sneezes just wouldn't stop. I kept sipping green tea. I came home and went for a walk by the sea. I had some hot sprout soup which was flavoured with ginger and lemon from a health food van parked there. The hot stuff helped a bit but they didn't make me feel good.

That's when I decided to order some good food for dinner. We called for a nice sweet corn chicken soup from Mr Chow's (Kainaz got some lumpy bits in her portion though). I then had a burnt garlic chicken fried rice. This was an interesting take on traditional fried rice as it had tiny bits of fried garlic. I had this with kung pao chicken. The chicken was very tender and had these tantalising bits of fat. The sauce was slight sweet, a bit ketchupy.

The food felt good and really perked me up. I finished the dinner off with a little pot of rabri for dessert which I ordered from Khaane Khaas.

At the end of it all I was feeling quite good and in a happy. The drained feeling of the day was a distant memory.

I just heard Anthony Bourdain say in his programme on Hawaii that inside every good chef you have a Chinese guy. Well, works for me.